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TitleMakerDate Made
The Tall TreesDorothy Knowlesn.d.View
Barricades and Bridges (triptych)Bob Boyer1990View
The Grand EntryDarren Desnomie1993View
Traveling Bird House with BirdAlicia Popoff1985View
Okanagan ValleyGeorge Campbell Tinning1948View
PrimaveraGeorge Glenn1990View
Blizzardly Arrival at Rural SchoolEva Dennis1959View
Museum PieceDavid Thauberger1980View
The PrairieRuth Pawson1951View
Ruth’s Wedding DayTerry Fenton1982View
Northern ExposureTerry Fenton1984View
Light Spring RainTerry Fenton1987View
Wascana ValleyTerry Fenton1981View
Alley of ShadowsWilf Perreault1987View
Untitled (D'Abstract)William McCargarn.d.View
Untitled (Old Steamer)William McCargarn.d.View
Estuary #434Wynona Mulcaster1986View
View of the LegislatureInglis Sheldon-Williams1913View
Hologram: Cloud Over Civil Disobedience (Regina 1935)Grant McConnell1995View
BluebirdsDavid Thauberger1977View
GoldfinchesDavid Thauberger1977View
Scarlet TanagersDavid Thauberger1977View
Green Apples #2Loren Teed1984View
Good Dog Bob #2, Stories from the Road Allowance PeopleSherry Farrell Racette1994View
Dah Song of the Crow, Stories from the Road Allowance PeopleSherry Farrell Racette1994View
Rou Garous #2, Stories from the Road Allowance PeopleSherry Farrell Racette1994View
La Beau Sha Shoo #1, Stories from the Road Allowance PeopleSherry Farrell Racette1994View
La Beau Sha Shoo #2,Stories from the Road Allowance PeopleSherry Farrell Racette1994View
Jacob, Stories from the Road Allowance PeopleSherry Farrell Racette1994View
Magic TempleJerry Didur1985View
The Sioux, Qu'Appelle ValleyEthel Barrn.d.View
Late OctoberJames Henderson1945View
Northern LightsJames Henderson1939View
Last Mountain Lake, Regina BeachSarah Schafer1923View
Slough Near SiltonRobert David Symons1968View
Last Hurrah at the K.O.A.Richard Gorenko1984View
Roy and Dolly Rubbery (sic) FarmAnn Harbuz1976View
Winter Scene of the NorthIllingworth Kerr1927View
Untitled (concentric circles)Arthur McKay1970View
Untitled (Newly Ploughed Field)Stanley Brunst1936View
Untitled (Back Yards)Stanley Brunstn.d.View
Untitled (Bright Coloured Industrial Scene)Stanley Brunst1935View
UntitledDonovan Chestern.d.View
Assiniboia River, ManitobaCharles Highfield1942View
Boggy Creek ParkCharles Highfield1930View
Crescent Lake Narrows, SaskatchewanCharles Highfield1910View
Moonlight in Hungry HollowCharles Highfield1932View
Saltcoats BeachCharles Highfield1937View
Saltcoats, Lover's LaneCharles Highfield1937View
UntitledRobert Newton Hurley1950View
UntitledRobert Newton Hurley1951View
Regina Lights from PrairieLorraine Malach1959View
Untitled (Morning After The Night Before)William McCargarn.d.View
Untitled (Fall Landscape - Day)William McCargarn.d.View
Brown ColumnJonathan Forrest1994View
Blue Powder PlushJonathan Forrest1994View
Soft RadianceJonathan Forrest1995View
UntitledBruce Parsons1965View
Composition #5William Perehudoff1967View
Net TalkMarie Lannoo1999View
Excerpts from an I. M. ConversationMarie Lannoo1999View
Story of a Prairie RoseSherry Farrell Racette1993View
Good Dog Bob #1, Stories from the Road Allowance PeopleSherry Farrell Racette1994View
Rou Garous #1, Stories from the Road Allowance PeopleSherry Farrell Racette1994View
Joseph's Justice, Stories from the Road Allowance PeopleSherry Farrell Racette1994View
Big John, Stories from the Road Allowance PeopleSherry Farrell Racette1994View
Dah Teef, Stories from the Road Allowance PeopleSherry Farrell Racette1994View
Sundogs and SleighbellsInglis Sheldon-Williams1928View
ContinuumDouglas Morton1967View
Untitled (brambles)Arthur McKay1959View
Golden October (All Is Silent and Still)Ruth Pawson1950View
Starvation FlatsAllen Clarke1999View
Inside Views of WhitkowAnn Harbuz1980View
Whitkow General StoreAnn Harbuz1979View
Ten WeddingsAnn Harbuz1978View
HTTPMarie Lannoo1998View
Kazimir Malevich Circle #3Taras Polataiko1995View
Blue BoyJanet Werner1999View
Bookends (diptych)David Thauberger1987View
GwenJanet Werner1999View
Paulo/BlueJanet Werner1999View
Elevators, Grand CouleeJean Bell1951View
North Park, Backyard WinterRobert Newton Hurley1935View
Edrie’s Flowers #2Catherine Macaulay1991View
Summer DandelionsWilf Perreault1981View
Untitled (Island)David T. Alexander1986View
UntitledSidney Barker1953View
Northwest Territories CouncilGeorge Herbert Barrn.d.View
Group of Trees-Odessa BeachJean Belln.d.View
SeptemberStanley Brunst1937View
Landscape – AbstractStanley Brunst1935View
A Bachelor's Farm near TruaxFrank Cicansky1980View
OmyRigmor Clarke1989View
Fall Colored HillRigmor Clarke1989View
Emma Lake #2Reta Cowley1963View
Shadow of Things to Come (formerly titled Civilization's Encroachment)Wesley Dennis1954View
October EveningWesley Dennis1954View
Jo-Jo and LionelJerry Didur1979View
Lil' Baby LuluJerry Didur1979View
LatticeJonathan Forrest1978View
Pink African VioletMina Forsythe1979View
UntitledTed Godwin1966View
The Figure of Writing: The Object of TextRichard Gorenko1984View
Four Things (Gang of Four)Richard Gorenko1982View
Outer SpaceBea Harding1981View
The Red UmbrellaBea Hardingn.d.View
Bay with Birch TreesGregory Hardy1988View
The Cows at the SmudgeLaura Harness1972View
Autumn Qu'Appelle Valley CouleeJames Henderson1945View
Mackie HillJames Henderson1949View
Melting SnowsJames Hendersonn.d.View
Best Wishes CatGrace Holyer1995View
UntitledRobert Newton Hurley1944View
Untitled (Highways and Mountains)Roland Keevil1961View
UntitledDorothy Knowles1964View
Winter, Lumsden ValleyLaura Lamontn.d.View
Young ShevchenkoMolly Lenhardtn.d.View
A Vision of CamelotMolly Lenhardt1978View
Homeward BoundMolly Lenhardt1982View
My MotherMolly Lenhardt1970View
Our HeritageMolly Lenhardt1978View
Shevchenko’s DreamMolly Lenhardtn.d.View
The State of RichelueMolly Lenhardtn.d.View
Festive OccasionMolly Lenhardt1980View
Ukrainian WomanMolly Lenhardt1980View
Prairie Scene of Mail Carrier in Pioneer Days on the PrairiesMolly Lenhardt1977View
Ukrainian Ballet Dancers, Ukrainian FestivalMolly Lenhardt1975View
UntitledKenneth Lochhead1963View
Night OchreKenneth Lochhead1963View
Untitled (This First Effort...)William McCargarn.d.View
Untitled #4William McCargarn.d.View
Winter HighwayWilliam McCargar1958View
Untitled (petrified wood)Arthur McKay1970View
Leaping HeartsBruce Parsons1965View
Leaping HeartsBruce Parsons1965View
UntitledBruce Parsons1965View
Eunuch DreamsBruce Parsons1965View
Blue SloughBruce Parsons1966View
Path Through the WoodsDavid Payne1930View
After the RainOtto Rogers1965View
Springtime on the Prairie (Vanishing Snowdrifts)Inglis Sheldon-Williams1928View
The HaystackInglis Sheldon-Williams1913View
Crooked Nose, CreeInglis Sheldon-Williams1913View
Poplar BluffsRobert David Symons1965View
FishDavid Thauberger1973View
HeronsDavid Thauberger1972View
HaresDavid Thauberger1976View
Wonders of WhitewareDavid Thauberger1982View
Lorlie, SaskatchewanGeorge Campbell Tinning1948View
Station, BiggarRobert Vincent1962View
Dropgate, Bassano, AlbertaRobert Vincent1965View
UntitledJanet Werner1991View
UntitledJanet Werner1990View
UntitledJanet Werner1991View
UntitledJanet Werner1990View
Untitled (Harvesting Scene)Jan Gerrit Wyers1967View
Untitled (Fall Landscape - Night)William McCargarn.d.View
Colour ExtensionKenneth Lochhead1965View
Snow on Lake ChinikiBob Boyer1988View
Indian DaysAllen Sapp2007View
The Group and the IndividualsJohn Henry Fine Day2002View
Honest WorkLaureen Marchand1985View
Self-conscious RomanticLeesa Streifler2008View
Life Force in Two Realms (the social and the spiritual)Leesa Streifler2008View
She is consistent; She nurtures; She’s maternal; He thrivesLeesa Streifler2007View
497Jason Baerg2008View
UntitledGeorge Herbert Barrn.d.View
Woman BeadworkingAllen Sapp2010View
Nexus (Dragonfly)David Garneau2010View
Little’s MermaidJefferson Little2004View
Big WindupJefferson Little2004View
PeacekeeperJefferson Little2004View
Perspective, Live as Birds seriesGrant McConnell1999View
Cattle At RestGeorge C. Hogg1968View
Colour in Low BushesDorothy Martin1981View
Bird on a BranchCaroline Wang1973View
Golden treesRigmor Clarke1989View
Forest LostRigmor Clarke1988View
Pinkney Lake Shore in AprilRigmor Clarke1988View
Untitled (Lifeguard)Chris Cran1988View
Wascana Valley In JanuaryDorothy Martin1982View
Foothills, Calgary, AlbertaMolly Lenhardt1988View
A village in the rolling countrysideGrace Hogg1966View
Table and FlowerGeorge Glenn1982View
Food, Live as Birds seriesGrant McConnell1991View
Black Strap No.1Norm Dallin1981View
Smoke Aross the RiverGregory Hardy1981View
Table and ChairKaren Schoonover1991View
Grace, Estranged, JacobeanBetty Tomasunos Sellers1997View
UntitledDavid Umholtz1975View
UntitledLorraine Malach1966View
Belle PlaineRuth Pawson1949View
A Day with No Yesterday and TomorrowSimon De Jong1967View
Spring Morning, Brown's FarmRuth Pawson1968View
Our RootsMolly Lenhardt1900View
Blue Loop, N.D.Henry Bonli1967View
NowhereMollie Cruickshank Lawrence1966View
Three Strata in the Evolution of ManLorne Beug1974View
UntitledHarry Savage1975View
Blue fadeDonovan Chester1969View
KUJanice Wong1992View
UntitledTerry Fenton1970View
Ten to ThreeCliff Enright1970View
Snow Clouds in the SpringRuth Pawson1971View
The Prairie Wind BlowsDorothy Martin1970View
[Untitled (landscape)]Terry Fenton1970View
UntitledRobert Christie1969View
Isle of the beastDee Lowe1992View
Lacy ScreenDorothy Martin1975View
Looking down summerRuth Pawson1978View
UntitledDon McVeigh1977View
Water BagRobert Vincent1975View
Neesetto LakeRobert Vincentn.d.View
Homeward bound, LumsdenRobert Vincent1947View
Gemini and ButterflyPhyllis Godwin1972View
Clouds Rolling in, Anglin Lake #1Adrian Vinish1993View
Byzantine blueRobert Senger1995View
Taking salt at buffalo lakeFrank Cicansky1980View
Spring blossomsDarlene Hay1994View
AvonleaFrank Cicansky1966View
CrystalGregory Hardy1980View
Winter LaundryJane Zednik1982View
Starter HomeHarry Stooshinoff1984View
Positioned horizon, Study 111John Reichert2003View
Gold trioCarl Schlademan2002View
HarmonyDaniel Unger2003View
First watchDaniel Unger2003View
Windy Day (House Sparrow)Wee Leen.d.View
Early Morning, Flax in BloomRuth Pawson1984View
Avocado and White HyacinthConnie Freedy1985View
Valley Farm (Near Indian Head)Ruth Pawson1955View
Eggplant and TulipsConnie Freedy1985View
UntitledLoren Teed1983View
NocturneAllan Harding MacKay1986View
By Ron's doorJamelie Hassan1998View
GeraniumsMcGregor Honen.d.View
Rocky WaterKelly Leichert1998View
Regina Winter ClubLorraine Malach1976View
Dancing Teepee WomenLeah Dorion2013View
Mount Royal, 1963George Campbell Tinning1963View
Mount RoyalGeorge Campbell Tinning1963View
Near Beaver Lake on Mount RoyalGeorge Campbell Tinning1962View
Yellow HouseGeorge Campbell Tinning1930View
The Day of Three SeasonsKelly Leichert2012View
Works in ProgressTammi Campbell2011View
PurpleMarie Lannoo2014View
GreenMarie Lannoo2014View
RedMarie Lannoo2012View
YellowMarie Lannoo2012View
BlueMarie Lannoo2012View
FindlaterHana Mrazova1981View
Spring SunshineLaura Harness1975View
Swallow In The WindWee LeeView
PoolMarian Wihak2002View
Strength from EducationSimone McLeod2004View
Painted RageDaniel Fisher1999View
UnknownDarren Desnomien.d.View
OrangeMarie Lannoo2012View
Saskatchewan Landscape, Triptych IAvis Rasmussen1992View
Saskatchewan Landscape, Triptych IIAvis Rasmussen1992View
GrasshopperMichel Boutin2015View
UntitledChristi Belcourt2016View
SanctuaryHeather Cline2014View
Untitled (from the series Excerpts from the Life of the Artist)Bill Burns2012View
BreakupKelly Leichert2010View
Winter BerriesKelly Leichert2010View
The Altar 1Keith Bird2016View
The Altar 2Keith Bird2016View
Stories Give Us RootsLeah Dorion2020View
Métis in the AcademyDavid Garneau2019View
Displacement, Indigenous ScholarshipDavid Garneau2019View