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TitleMakerDate Made
UntitledTrudy Fischer1955View
Veiled MonumentMcGregor Hone1953View
The Blue CutterKenneth Lochhead1971View
Print ArboretumKenneth Lochhead1979View
UntitledWarren Peterson1967View
Spirit TalkSarain Stump1972View
Bringing Back A Lost SoulSarain Stump1972View
Untitled (A Boy's Dream)Doris Wall-Larson1980View
London, set. no. 3Toni Onley1964View
Tse Et TseSerge Tousignant1965View
Coeur D'Orange, N.D.Kittie Bruneau1965View
UntitledFrançoise Labbé1965View
SunflowerShirley Wales1963View
Variante VRichard Lacroix1966View
Bete du SoleilPat Martin Bates1965View
Two FiguresAnne Kahane1962View
Au PrintempsGilbert Marion1961View
Keen and PeachyPeter Daglish1962View
Love for three orangesTobie Steinhouse1965View
Clown and Assistant, N.D.Jack Nichols1964View
La plongeWilliam Perehudoff1976View
Prairie Duster IDouglas Bentham1977View
Dolly and BillDavid Thauberger1979View
UntitledJerry Grey1966View
UntitledAlan Weinstein1964View
Print #2Donald McNamee1965View
Fencing ShadowsWilf Perreault1990View
Flocked BunniesDavid Thauberger1977View
Odyssey #9,1969Brian Fisher1969View
Revolution #2Alan Wesaquate1978View
Jacob Grimm's study in Berlin 1860Rodney Graham1993View
Emblem of the Second HomeMcGregor Hone1967View
The Whaler's DreamRon Hamilton1978View
Le peril jauneMichel Fortier1966View
Sacred Iniskin Buffalo StoneJane Ash Poitras1992View
Saskatoon SpringDavid Umholtz1977View
Hockey stick blades from West Lions Park, LondonGreg Curnoe1965View
FoothillsHelmut Becker1967View
Relic of the 20th Century (Lunch Kit)John K. Esler1965View
UntitledMichael Morris1967View
For Ernst JandlMichael Morris1967View
Anahata ChakraAnna Wong1967View
Meaningful RelationshipsMarianna Schmidt1967View
People DispersingJohn Hooper1966View
Au Coin de la FruiteGaston Petit1967View
FruitJohn Snow1965View
Fete ForaineRobert Savoie1965View
Lilac and greenGordon Smith1965View
Symbiotic ShapesBenita Sanders1967View
Night WalkingRichard Gorman1961View
ShowgirlsMaxwell Bates1957View
Jewel boxJames Boyd1966View
Space Plane, N.D.Winston Leathers1968View
Le lendemain de la veilleSerge Tousignant1968View
D. C. NeufJoe Fafard1983View
Migration IIMarion Nicoll1968View
GonoFrancois Dallegret1968View
Wilhelm Grimm's study in Berlin in 1860Rodney Graham1960View
MontageTrudy Fischer1967View
UntitledJed Irwin1970View
UntitledJean-Paul Riopelle1967View
UntitledKenneth Peters1970View
Prince Albert National Park, Waskesiu LakeWilliam Perehudoff1989View
A minute of my time (September 9, 1997 00:55 - 00:56)Micah Lexier1997View
O CanadaJoyce WielandUndated (1969-70)View
Fall ReflectionsWilf Perreault1985View
Ghost danceSarain Stump1972View
Only buffalos can call buffalosSarain Stump1972View
Inuit fishing through ice, Cape Dorset, Baffin IslandNiviaksiak1959View
Neepawa Noon IIBill Lobchuk1977View
BIRDJoe Fafard1978View
Portable Ice Cream Eaters, in the Land of Baby AlbortsE.J. Howorth1977View
Standing CowGary Olson1975View
SpringLeo Yerxa1978View
Summer MoonlightLeo Yerxa1978View
Fall GoldenLeo Yerxa1978View
Winter FlakesLeo Yerxa1978View
Mad Meg at City HallWilliam Featherstone1973View
Ralph SaskatchewanMarsha Delouchery1979View
Big Storm of '79, ReginaJack Severson1979View
Ghost pyramids of the prairieJerry Didur1979View
United Grain GrowersDoris Wall-Larson1977View
UntitledDon McVeigh1979View
Pasture PrintDavid Thauberger1979View
Three SheikRussell Yuristy1979View
Rising BrownJack Cowin1983View
Surfscape WestRon Bolt1979View
Ebb-tide and WaitingTom Forrestall1979View
LaylakIvan Eyre1981View
MoonlightingLouis de Niverville1979View
Olga's DogJulia Healy1977View
When I Grow UpPatrick Hurst1980View
Cow glimpses suiteMaureen Hodgins1980View
SunflowersRussell Yuristyn.d.View
Sunday SailDouglas Benthamn.d.View
BedroomSheila Butlern.d.View
Brown (Western Trout Series)Jack Cowin1982View
PietaJoe Fafard1980View
McCargar's printDavid Thauberger1980View
Velvet dancelandDavid Thauberger1980View
Midsummer 1920, IIJane Turnbull-Evans1978View
Yellow JugDon McVeigh1982View
Blue VaseDon McVeigh1982View
Passage Through the Garden IIChristopher Finn1984View
Last dance at the OasisEleanor Bond1980View
Nimbus InfieldMary Shannon Will1983View
Ancient African Passenger SheepRita McKeough1984View
Charles Livingston BullGlenbow MuseumView
Steranko Graphic NarrativeSterankoView
Sonny!Joe Fafard1979View
At HomeDavid Thauberger1983View
Granite IDon Proch1979View
AlliesChristopher Finn1983View
Flight PathKenneth Webbn.d.View
First SnowDavid Hunsberger1982View
Fields VIAnn McCall1980View
Old Number 36's Last Time at Bat, Great Moments in Sport VIJohn Willn.d.View
Oh No!Russell Yuristy1984View
The Last Dance HallRichard Gorenko1981View
UntitledRoy Deforest1984View
Golf Lesson #46Billy McCarroll1985View
Whale PrintDavid Thauberger1979View
Night EyesDon Proch1979View
SavoyVic Cicansky1980View
SegmentsTony Tascona1979View
Sonny!Joe Fafard1979View
SundanceBill Lobchuk1979View
5 o'clockRussell Yuristy1979View
BluesyChristopher Finn1979View
Square Dance, N.D.Donna KriekleView
Saskatoon CycleDonna Krieklen.d.View
Uncle Bob's placeIllingworth Kerrn.d.View
Spring ReflectionsWilf Perreault1982View
ColumbineBea Harding1987View
Sari ManoukBea Harding1971View
Champagne D' AregentJack Cowin1993View
Whirl WindDavid General1978View
FinaleWilf Perreault2008View
You Better Ask YourselfRobert Truszkowski2014View
Autumn PrairieTakao Tanabe1981View
MadonnaDon McVeigh1981View
ControlMichelle Brownridge2011View
SwitchMichelle Brownridge2011View
Divide and ConquerKarli Jessup2011View
Dog Days – DogpoundTed Godwin1982View
Birch Bark BitingRosella Carney2014View
Two Houses in SpringChristopher Pratt1968View
StarkJeffrey Veregge2013View
Last SonJeffrey Veregge2014View
Hell's KitchenJeffrey Veregge2015View
She's Got it Where it CountsJeffrey Veregge2016View
WidowJeffrey Veregge2016View
My Only HopeJeffrey Veregge2016View
Full FlowerDaphne Boyer2019View